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Harry Lee (b. 1892)

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Harry Lee was a pub landlord who married Alfred Hitchcock's sister, Ellen Kathleen.


Harry Lee followed in his father's steps by becoming a licensed victualler, helping run the family's public house — the Copenhagen Tavern — situated at 183 Salmon Lane. Living just a few doors away at that time was William Hitchcock and his family. The Lee's had been at the Copenhagen since at least 1898.[1]

About a year after his death in December 1914, William's daughter Ellen Kathleen Hitchcock married Harry Lee. By early 1917, Harry had taken over the running of the White Hart public house on Hooper Street, Whitechapel, and it was here that their first son, Henry William Lee, was born in March.[2]

Harry enlisted at the start of 1918, initially joining the Navy but was quickly transferred to the Royal Naval Air Service at Roehampton where he likely worked as a member of the ground crew.[3] Their daughter, Ellen Marcia Lee, was born in September 1918 in Oxfordshire. After the war ended, Harry transferred to the RAF Reserves before eventually being discharged in April 1920. The month before, their third son, Clifford John Lee, was born in Whitechapel.

Within a few years, Harry was ill and the family returned to the Copenhagen Tavern on Salmon Lane, where he died in April 1924, aged only 31. The cause of death was colon cancer and he was nursed through the illness by his sister, Grace Daisy Lee.

Harry Lee is buried at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Leytonstone, alongside Ellen Kathleen.

In his will, he left everything to his wife.

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  • son of licensed victualler Harry Lee (b. ~1863)[4] and Emily Lee (b. ~1862) née Coldwell[5], who married on 24/Aug/1890 at St Matthew, Westminster
  • by marriage, brother-in-law of director Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (b. 1899)


  • born 20/Apr/1892
  • baptised on 05/Jun/1892 at Haggerston All Saints, Hackney


On the 1911 Census, it states that the family have had 9 children, but 6 had died by then.

  • Grace Daisy Lee (b. 1895)[6]
  • Sidney Thomas Lee (b. ~1899)[7]
  • William Reginald Lee (b. 1900)[8]
  • Alice Gladys Lee (b. ~1902)[9]
  • 4 unknown


Ellen Kathleen Hitchcock (b. 1892)


Henry William Lee (b. 1917)

  • born 01/Mar/1917 at 1 Hooper Street, Whitechapel[15]
  • probably died 1994[16]

Ellen Marcella Lee (b. 1918)

  • born 26/Sep/1918 at 16 Parker Street, Cowley St. John, Oxford
  • was also called "Queenie" by her mother and "Winnie"[17]
  • seemingly married Sidney G.W. Hopkins in 1941[18]
  • lived on Fullwell Avenue, Ilford, in the 1960s

Clifford John Lee (b. 1920)

  • born 12/Mar/1920 at 1 Rupert Street, Whitechapel[19]
  • married Ella K.P. Michelsen in 1946[20]
  • died 04/Apr/2012 aged 92[21]


Family Tree


Census Data


  • address: Copenhagen Tavern, 183 Salmon Lane, Limehouse
  • Harry Lee (aged 38) — head, occupation: licensed victuallers manager
  • Emily Lee (aged 39) — wife
  • Harry Lee (aged 8) — son
  • Grace D. Lee (aged 5) — daughter
  • William R. Lee (aged 0) — son
  • Charles Pike (aged 23) — servant, occupation: barman
  • Robert Rawlinson (aged 17) — servant, occupation: barman
  • Rose Newman (aged 16) — servant (domestic)
  • Annie Prior (aged 21) — servant (domestic)


  • address: Copenhagen Tavern, 183 Salmon Lane, Limehouse
  • Harry Lee (aged 48) — head, occupation: licensed victuallers manager
  • Emily Lee (aged 49) — wife
  • Harry Lee (aged 18) — son, occupation: assistant in business
  • Grace Daisy Lee (aged 16) — daughter, occupation: milliner
  • Alice Gladys Lee (aged 8) — daughter
  • Ernest O'Brien (aged 23) — servant
  • Bertha Payne (aged 17) — servant

Other Documents


Marriage (1915)

Electoral Register


Address: 183 Salmon Lane, Limehouse

First World War

Royal Navy

Royal Air Force

Death Certificate (1924)

Probate (1924)

Research Notes

  • The 1921 London Street Directory names Emily Lee as the landlady of the Copenhagen Tavern.

Notes & References

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