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Hastings and St Leonards Observer (29/Jan/1927) - The Lodger





Showing for the last times to-day (Saturday), "A trip to Chinatown," an hilarious Fox comedy-drama. Amandies, the celebrated elocutionist and raconteur, will also appear.

Featuring Ivor Novello, "The Lodger" will be the attraction all next week. Produced by Alfred Hitchcock from the story by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes, it opens with the finding of a girl's dead body on the steps of the Embankment and the finding of a triangle of paper bearing the words "The Avenger." Daisy Bunting, a beautiful mannequin, is frightened by the news of the Avenger's latest crime, and quickly hurries to her home, where she finds Joe Chandlers, a young and ambitious young detective. Chandler is in love with Daisy in his blundering way. Just as Daisy's father finds he hasn't a shilling left to put in the gas meter, there is a knock at the door and a prospective lodger is seen. His coat collar is turned up and the lower half of his face is swathed in a muffler, and he carries a small black bag. He has a mysterious air, but when the gas flares up he is revealed as a strikingly handsome young man, with a grave, hunted look in his eyes. He has a curious nervous manner, bangs down the window when a newsboy is heard shouting and locks his bag in a cupboard when Mrs. Bunting leaves him. Daisy and the new lodger soon become friends. One night, however, Mrs. Bunting hears the lodger creeping downstairs, and next morning the papers shriek the news that the Avenger has committed another murder. Mrs. Bunting is terrified, and Chandler becomes suspicious that the lodger and the Avenger are one, and from this point the story continues with great excitement. Ivor Novello, as the mysterious lodger, is excellent, while the other characters are in the capable hands of June, Malcolm Keen, Arthur Chesney and Marie Ault.

"The Lodger", will be supported by the usual short features.