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Hitchcock Annual: Volume 18

editors Sidney Gottlieb & Richard Allen
publisher Columbia University Press
ISBN 0231163673 (paperback)
ISSN 1062-5518 (journal)

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Hitchcock Annual: Volume 18 features essays on Hitchcock and Italian art cinema; the cinematic and cultural context of Hitchcock's silent film, Champagne (1928); Marnie (1964) and queer theory; the use of newspapers in Hitchcock's films; and Hitchcock's wartime documentary work.


  1. Champagne (1928): The Nation's Favorite Meets the Critics' Choice — Amy Sargeant
  2. Hitchcock and Documentary: Re-editing Men of the Lightship — Charles Barr
  3. Hitchcock's Newspaper: A "Thing in the Crowd" — John Bruns
  4. Intimate Violence: Marnie and Queer Resilience — David Greven
  5. Hitchcock and the Wandering Woman: The Influence of Italian Art Cinema on The Birds — Richard Allen

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