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Hitchcock Blonde (2003) by Terry Johnson

author Terry Johnson
publisher Berg 3PL (2003)
ISBN 0713686448 (paperback)

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First published to tie-in with the Royal Court Theatre's production in April 2003, with a cast including Alexander Delamere, Victoria Gay, Fiona Glascott and Rosamund Pike, this is the newly revised version of award-winning Terry Johnson's classic play. A media lecturer and his female protege find some deteriorated Hitchcock footage. It would appear they had discovered some early rushes but what film were they for and who is the mysterious blonde? Hitchcock Blonde is not a play about Alfred Hitchcock, though he may make a cameo appearance. Of the less familiar characters, one is likely to amuse, the other will behave appallingly in a theatrical film noir of genius, lust, death and voyeuristic obsession. 'On the face of it, Hitchcock Blonde is a play about Alfred Hitchcock and women, about sex and desire, and what happens when you have either without the other. It is also a detective story, a biographical fantasy, an intellectual comedy...a play about life in films and films in life, about predators and victims...