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Hitchcock Chronology: "There Really Was a Hollywood" - by Janet Leigh

Entries in the Hitchcock Chronology relating to "There Really Was a Hollywood" - by Janet Leigh...



  • Actress Janet Leigh meets Hitchcock for the first time at his home on Bellagio Road where he outlines his plans for Psycho. She later wrote, "He outlined his modus operandi. The angles and shots of each scene were predetermined, carefully charted before the picture began. There could be no deviations. His camera was absolute. Within the boundary of the lens circumference, the player was given freedom, as long as the performance didn't interfere with the already designed move [...] This was the way the man worked. And since I had profound respect for his results, I would earnestly comply."[1]


  1. "There Really Was a Hollywood" - by Janet Leigh (1984).