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Hitchcock in Context (2014) by Stephane Duckett

authors Stephane Duckett
publisher Moreton Street Books (2014)
ISBN 1910229075

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An innocent woman was hanged in 1923 and Hitchcock would spend the next fifty odd years telling us of her innocence, but in the nicest possible way — by entertaining us. Failure to acknowledge the historical context from which Hitchcock's cinema emerged has led to unwarranted psychological speculation which undermines that basic message. This book explores that context both in terms of the often violent social change that the 20th century brought with it, but also the history of the medium of cinema itself.

Dr Stephane Duckett is a clinical psychologist, currently working at the Royal Free Hospital in London. His academic writing has been published widely within his specialist field focusing on age discrimination and its impact on mental health. Having been born in Paris in 1958 and raised in 60s London, Dr Duckett studied at the University of Paris before completing his PhD at Temple University, Philadelphia, and gained a post-doctoral degree from the Free University of Amsterdam. His fascination with Hitchcock came out of a four-year study on how intensely creative people adapt to ageing. HITCHCOCK IN CONTEXT is the offspring of that project.