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Hitchcock on Grierson (STV, 1969)

Hitchcock on Grierson
producer Douglas Moodie
company STV (1969)
length 45 minutes


Legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock pays tribute to the "father of the documentary", John Grierson, exploring what made his work so extraordinary and influential.

Production Notes

Hitchcock was approached by Scottish Television to provide a narrative to a short documentary about British documentary maker John Grierson. According to Charles Barr, the script was prepared in Scotland and sent to Hitchcock who then filmed his piece to camera in the US.[1]

There are discrepancies in the date for this documentary, with some sources claiming 1965 or 1970.

The documentary includes sequences from:

  • Drifters (1929) — directed by John Grierson[2]
  • Industrial Britain (1931) — directed by Robert J. Flaherty[3]
  • The Granton Fishing Trawler (1934) — directed by John Grierson[4]
  • Night Mail (1936) — directed by Harry Watt & Basil Wright[5]
  • Seawards the Great Ships (1960) — directed by Hilary Harris[6]
  • The Big Mill (1963) — directed by Laurence Henson[7]
  • The Heart of Scotland (1965) — directed by Laurence Henson[8]


(c) STV


This documentary has not been released on DVD.

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