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Hollywood Magazine (1939) - Jamaica Inn






The wind blew chill over the darkening hills that lay like threats under a lowering sky as a slight slip of a terrified girl watched the coach take off in a panicky rush, leaving her alone in the threatening gloom ... and the picture goes on, just like that. Mary (Maureen O'Hara) doesn't have a single quiet moment in the whole eight reels. First wicked old psychopathic Squire Humphrey (Charles Laughton) gets after her with a sneer and a leer. Then her lusty, lustful uncle-in-law (Leslie Banks) makes drunken advances when he can get time off from wrecking ships and knocking his wife (Marie Ney) into corners. Two or three or four times, ... one gets confused ... she rescues one of the outlaw gang (Robert Newton) from hanging and shooting and things like that. She climbs down cliffs. She swims for her life in a raging sea. She is gagged, bound and kidnapped by evil old Sir Humphrey who gets madder and madder every minute. Charles Laughton does enough acting for three pictures, and we can only hope that he has something left for his part in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.