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Hollywood Magazine (1939) - The Lady Vanishes






Rolled into one handsome package is a fine romance, a clever comedy and one of the tensest and most baffling mysteries you'll see in many a day. The film was made in England, and the players are not well known to American audiences, with the exception of Dame May Whitty, remembered for her portrayal of the old lady in Night Must Fall. But don't let the lack of familiar names keep you away, because you will be sorry.

The film starts with a seemingly carefree group of tourists caught over night in a hotel in the Alps. All are respectable and quiet and even a little on the stodgy side. And quietest and most respectable of all is the middle-aged little governness, Miss Froy. So why should a singer under her window be strangled? Why should an attempt be made on her life in the railroad station? And why should she disappear from the train when it is in full flight down the steep mountain grades? Why should half a dozen of her fellow travelers deny that they ever had seen her? Why should death hover near the girl who determined to discover her fate? Well, why?