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In motion pictures, an intertitle is a piece of filmed, printed text edited into the midst of (i.e. -inter) the photographed action, at various points, generally to convey character dialogue, or descriptive narrative material related to, but not necessarily covered by, the material photographed. Intertitles were a mainstay of silent films, once they became of sufficient length and detail to necessitate dialogue and/or narration to make sense of the enacted or documented events. The development of the soundtrack largely eliminated their utility, except as an occasional artistic device.

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The term intertitle should not be confused with subtitle or main title.


Intertitles from Hitchcock's Films

The following full sets of intertitles from films directed by Hitchcock are available:

Hitchcock's Early Intertitles

At the start of his career in motion pictures, Alfred Hitchcock designed the intertitles for the following films: