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Introduction Page


The "Alfred Hitchcock DVD Wiki" replaces the former "Alfred Hitchcock DVD Information Site", which was created in 2003.

The main purpose of the old site was to catalogue the many Hitchcock related DVD releases from around the world, and the site contained details of over 500 releases.

The New Site

In mid-2006, work began on moving the site into a Wiki. As well as being easier to update, a Wiki allows for collaborative authoring.

By the end of 2006, all of the content from the old site has been added to the Wiki.

The emphasis is now on adding brand new content, especially non-DVD related material such as multimedia and articles, and also new features such as ratings, wishlists, etc.

If this is your first visit, try clicking on the Random Page link a few times to view a selection of pages from the site, or browse through the Site Index.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to join the message board:

Information for Researchers

The site contains a large amount of archive material suitable for researchers. Where relevant, you'll see quick links at the top-left of the page to relevant newspaper and journal articles.


Otherwise, useful material can be found in these sections of the site...

Site Stats

The site currently contains over 12GB of pictures.

In a normal month, the site...

  • has over 45,000 unique visitors
  • delivers over 500,000 pages
  • uses more than 50GB of data bandwidth

The Alexa stats for the site are available at:


At present, the site does not display any commercial adverts. Please note that the site does include affiliated links to Amazon sites, as the modest income provided by this helps offset the web hosting costs.

However, we are keen to provide free banner links to any non-profit/non-commercial Hitchcock related web site. If you have such a site and would like a banner including on random pages, please send an email to the Wiki administrator:

  • admin [at] daveyp.com

We are also happy to promote any Hitchcock related items such as book and DVDs. Press releases and promotional material can be sent to the email address shown above.

If you feel you would like to make a small donation towards the costs of maintaining the site, please see this page. At present, the hosting for the entire site costs over $400 per year.

Site Admin

This site is currently maintained by Dave Pattern (aka "Davey P"). Dave has been a web developer since 1995, and is currently a Systems Manager at a major UK university.