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Irmin Roberts


Irmin E. Roberts, ASC, was a camerman and visual effects expert.

Roberts is often credited with creating the "Hitchcock zoom" for Vertigo, an unsettling in-camera effect where the camera is pulled back whilst simultaneously zooming in. This effect has a number of names, including "dolly zoom", "dolly out/zoom in" and "trombone shot", and was originally conceived by director Alfred Hitchcock as a way of representing dizziness:

I always remember one night at the Chelsea Arts Ball at Albert Hall in London when I got terribly drunk and I had the sensation that everything was going far away from me. I tried to get that into Rebecca, but they couldn't do it. The viewpoint must be fixed, you see, while the perspective is changed as it stretches lengthwise.
—Alfred Hitchcock[1]


With Hitchcock...

  • Rear Window (1954) - Special Visual Effects (uncredited)
  • Vertigo (1958) - Director of Photography, second unit (uncredited)

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Notes & References

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