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James Bridie


Born Osborne Henry Mavor, writer James Bridie worked with Alfred Hitchcock on the screenplays for "The Paradine Case", "Under Capricorn", and "Stage Fright".

Bridie worked with Alma Reville on the initial adaptation for "The Paradine Case" (1947), before completing the original screenplay. Ben Hecht contributed additional dialogue to this screenplay, which became the initial shooting script for the film. However, due to subsequent casting changes, David O Selznick decided to write a further screenplay, again based on the initial adaptation. Bridie's original screenplay is available at IUCAT Library in Indiana.

After "The Paradine Case", Alfred Hitchcock worked with Bridie on "Under Capricorn" (1949). Hitchcock originally wanted Arthur Laurents to write the screenplay, but Laurents wasn't interested in the project. So instead, Hitchcock hired Bridie to write a screenplay based on Hume Cronyn's adaptation for the film.

Their final collaboration was on "Stage Fright" (1950). Whitfield Cook wrote the initial screenplay for the film, with further editions added by Ranald MacDougall. Bridie polished some of the scenes in the film by writing additional dialogue. Bridie also suggested Hitchcock cast Alastair Sim for the role Commodore Gill. The film proved to be Bridie's last, and he died in 1951.


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