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Jemima Hitchcock (b. ~1796) née Spooner

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Jemima Spooner was the first wife of Charles Hitchcock (b. ~1791).

After the birth of their first children, they moved from the Essex village of Dedham to London, eventually settling in Stratford.

After Jemima died in 1835, Charles remarried and had 3 further children.



  • born around 1796
  • baptised 15/Jun/1796 in Great Wigborough, Essex


  • Elizabeth Spooner (b. ~1782)[3]
  • Benjamin Spooner (b. ~1783)[4]
  • Robert Spooner (b. ~1785)[5]
  • Keturah Spooner (b. ~1787)[6]
  • Samuel Spooner (b. ~1799)[7]


Charles Hitchcock (b. ~1791)

  • born around 1791 in Dedham
  • married 1818 to Jemima Spooner (b. ~1796)[8], who died 1835
  • married in 1836 to Sarah Pike — the marriage was registered in Bermondsey, Surrey, and Jane Hitchcock and Richard Pike were the witnesses
  • likely died 1858[9]


Charles Hitchcock (b. 1819)

  • born 1819
  • baptised 15/Nov/1819 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham
  • died 1821, aged 21 months
  • buried 16/Apr/1821 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham

Susannah Hitchcock (b. ~1823)

  • born around 1823 in Dedham, Essex
  • possibly died 1856 in Sudbury, Suffolk[10]

Emma Hitchcock (b. ~1823)

  • born around 1823 in the Lexden district, possibly in Dedham[11]
  • baptised 29/Aug/1824 at St. Margaret, Barking, Essex[12]
  • probably died 1891

Sarah Hitchcock (b. ~1824)

Joseph William Hitchcock (b. 1830)


  • very likely died 1835
  • very likely buried 29/Oct/1835 at Brickfield's Congregational Chapel, Stratford

Research Documents

Death Registry

The entry appears to read "Jemimah Hitchcock aged 33", but it often transcribed in indexes as being "Jeramiah". However, no "Jeramiah Hitchcock"s were located during research and the year of death fits well with Jemima and Charles' second marriage.

Research Notes

  • No marriage record found.

Notes & References

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