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John Francis Hitchcock (b. 1884)

John Francis Hitchcock became a Roman Catholic Priest.


Hitchcock biographer Patrick McGilligan noted that:

Charles's son John, a Catholic priest, was known to all as Father John; he served as head of the parish of Our Lady and St. Thomas of Canterbury in Harrow, from 1929 to 1944, and is remembered there for doubling the size of the church and erecting a modern school [...] The Hitchcocks usually attended Sunday services in Stratford because that was where Father John, his father’s nephew, said Mass.[1]

By 1918, John Francis was residing at 13 Grove Road near Regent's Park.

From 1928 onwards, he resided at Church of Our Lady & St. Thomas of Canterbury, 22 Roxborough Park, Harrow.

He died in November 1944, aged 60.

In his last will & testament, which was written a couple of weeks before his death, Father John Francis left the majority of his possessions to two surviving sisters, Mary and Teresa.





  • did not marry


Family Tree


Census Data


  • address: 36/37 Chapel Street, Clerkenwell, Islington
  • Charles Hitchcock (aged 37) — head, occupation: greengrocer
  • Catherine Hitchcock (aged 34) — wife
  • Kate Hitchcock (aged 20) — sister, occupation: assistant fish monger (unmarried)
  • John Hitchcock (aged 26) — brother
  • Anny Hitchcock (aged 5) — daughter
  • Theresa Hitchcock (aged 2) — daughter
  • John Hitchcock (aged 6) — son, occupation: assistant fish monger (unmarried)
  • Mary Linneham (aged 54) — servant (widow)
  • Mary Roche (aged 70) — mother-in-law (widow)[4]


18-year-old John is a student at Old Hall Green Academy, Standon[5]


John is now a priest.

  • address: The Presbytery, 13 Grove Road, St Johns Wood, Marylebone
  • John Joseph Breman (aged 66) — occupation: Roman Catholic priest
  • Basil Barton (aged 30) — occupation: Roman Catholic priest
  • John Francis Hitchcock (aged 27) — occupation: Roman Catholic priest
  • Mary Murphy (aged 56) — servant, housekeeper
  • Bessie Pierse (aged 23) — servant, housemaid

Other Documents

Electoral Register


Address: 13 Grove Road, Regents Park, London


Address: Church of Our Lady & St. Thomas of Canterbury, 22 Roxborough Park, Harrow, London


Research Notes

Notes & References

  1. Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light (2003) by Patrick McGilligan
  2. Birth registered Q3 1884 Holborn.
  3. Death registered Q4 1944 Marylebone.
  4. Also listed as "sick".
  5. Now known as St. Edmund's College, Ware.