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Josephine Tey


Josephine Tey was a pseudonym used by Elizabeth Mackintosh (1896–1952) a Scottish author best known for her mystery novels. She also wrote as Gordon Daviot, under which name she wrote plays with an historical theme.

Mackintosh published a number of novels featuring Inspector Alan Grant, including "A Shilling for Candles" in 1936, which was loosely adapted by Alfred Hitchcock as Young and Innocent.


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  • born 25/Jul/1896 in Inverness, Scotland
  • daughter of fruiterer Colin John Mackintosh (b. ~1863)[1] and Josephine Mackintosh (b. 1871) née Horne[2], who married 1894
  • sister of Mary H. Mackintosh (b. ~1895)[3] and Jane Ellis Mackintosh (b. 1898)
  • died 13/Feb/1952 in London, England

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  1. Born in Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. Son of John Mackintosh (b. ~1838) and Elizabeth Mackintosh (b. ~1850). Died 25/Sep/1950 in Inverness.
  2. Born 29/Jan/1871 in Rannoch, Scotland. Daughter of Peter Horne (b. ~1836) and Jane Horne (b. ~1838) née Ellis.
  3. Married 1941 to Donald Stokes.