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Lifeboat (1944)

"Six men and three women - against the sea and each other."


In the Atlantic during WWII, a ship and a German U-boat are involved in a battle and both are sunk. The survivors from the ship gather in one of the boats. They are from a variety of backgrounds: an international journalist, a rich businessman, the radio operator, a nurse, a steward, a sailor and an engineer with communist tendencies. Trouble starts when they pull a man out of the water who turns out to be from the U-boat. (© IMDB)


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Release & Reception

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Technical Information

  • black & white
  • sound mix: mono (Western Electric Sound System)
  • aspect ratio: 1.37:1 Spherical
  • running time: 96 minutes
  • production studio: 20th Century Fox

Blu-ray Releases

released in 2012

3607.gif Lifeboat (1944) - Eureka Entertainment (Bluray, UK, 2012)
...also contains Bon Voyage (1944) & Aventure Malgache (1944)
Amazon (UK)

DVD Releases

released in 2006

3606.gif Lifeboat (1944) - Fox Home Entertainment (France, July 2006)
PAL 1.33:1
3604.gif Um Barco e Nove Destinos (1944) - Fox Home Entertainment (Brazil, 2006)
NTSC 1.33:1
3603.gif Lifeboat (1944) - Fox Home Entertainment (UK, 2006)
PAL 1.33:1 [01:33:30]
3605.gif Lifeboat (1944) - Fox Home Entertainment (France, 2006)
PAL 1.33:1 [01:33:30]

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Cast and Crew

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