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Literature Film Quarterly (2013) - Scripting Hitchcock


  • book review: Scripting Hitchcock
  • author(s): Kevin Alexander Boon
  • journal: Literature Film Quarterly (01/Jan/2013)
  • issue: volume 41, issue 1, page 77
  • journal ISSN: 0090-4260
  • publisher: Salisbury State University
  • keywords: Birds, Book reviews, Books, Motion picture directors & producers, Professional relationships



  Chapter three is tided "From Treatment to Script" and Chapter Four is tided "Final Drafts: The Shooting Scripts"; both of diese chapters overlap and deal largely with die same material involving the relationship among die writing processes, professional relationships, and the resulting films. Hitchcock's status as a director, the significance of Psycho, The Birds, and Marnie to his oeuvre, and the rising interest in screenplays as literary works in their own right make Scripting Hitchcock an important book, one that provides a coup d'oeil into the complex relationship between writers and directors in the crafting of a film.