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Location trip to Connecticut and New York, October 2003

by Nándor Bokor

The pictures on the left are frames from Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train" (1951). My corresponding photos from October 2003 are on the right.


The old railway station in Danbury, Connecticut (now a museum - web site):

S001.jpg S001bn.jpg
St002.jpg S002bn.jpg
St003.jpg St003bn.jpg

At the corner of Main Street and West Street, Danbury, CT (the location of the "music store", where Guy's wife Miriam works). (My 3rd photo shows the "music store" location as it looks today.)

St004.jpg St004bn1.jpg

The old railway station in Danbury, CT.

St005.jpg St005bn.jpg
St006.jpg St006bn.jpg
St007.jpg St007bn.jpg

The West Side Tennis Club (web site) at 1 Tennis Place, Forest Hills, NY, former home of the US Open tournaments (before they moved it 3-4 km to Flushing Meadows, NY about 25 years ago). Note that the beautiful club house is still there, although the courts themselves have been refurbished. My thanks to James Wilson-Rich for his help here. Mr Wilson-Rich is a member of the West Side Tennis Club, and he was kind enough to give me a fascinating guided tour in the club, and to help me identify the locations from the film.

St008.jpg St008bn.jpg
St009.jpg St009bn.jpg
St010.jpg St010bn.jpg
St011.jpg St011bn.jpg
St012.jpg St012bn.jpg
St013.jpg St013bn.jpg
St014.jpg St014bn.jpg
St015.jpg St015bn.jpg
St016.jpg St016bn1.jpg

The old railway station in Danbury, CT. I identified the approximate location where Bruno accidentally dropped the cigarette lighter into the sewer. The closest sewer today - shown in close-up on my photo - is at the street corner.

St017.jpg St017bn.jpg
St018.jpg St018bn.jpg
St019.jpg St019bn.jpg
St020.jpg St020bn.jpg
St021.jpg St021bn.jpg
St022.jpg St022bn.jpg
St023.jpg St023bn.jpg
St024.jpg St024bn.jpg

The West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills. Note that the original plaque seen on the left in the first frame below still exists (it's shown in close-up on my 2nd photo):

St025.jpg St025bn1.jpg
St026.jpg St026bn.jpg