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Location trip to New York, September-October 2003

by Nándor Bokor

The pictures on the left are frames from Hitchcock's North by Northwest (1959). My corresponding photos from September and October 2003 are on the right.

The corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City, with the NY Public Library on the right:

N004.jpg N004bn.jpg

The West Balcony in the main concourse of Grand Central Station:

N005.jpg N005bn.jpg

At the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. Tiffany's is on the left (that's where the ladies have probably been shopping), and Bergdorf-Goodman's is on the right:

N006.jpg N006bn.jpg

The corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue:

N007.jpg N007bn.jpg

Madison Avenue, between 54th and 55th Streets:

N008.jpg N008bn.jpg

CIT Building, at 650 Madison Avenue:

N009.jpg N009bn.jpg
N010.jpg N010bn.jpg

The corner of Madison Avenue and 60th Street:

N011.jpg N011bn.jpg

59th Street, in front of The Plaza Hotel. Central Park is visible on the right.

N012.jpg N012bn.jpg

Entrance of The Plaza Hotel:

N013.jpg N013bn.jpg

The lobby and the corridor leading to the Oak Bar:

N014.jpg N014bn.jpg
N015.jpg N015bn.jpg
N016.jpg N016bn.jpg
N017.jpg N017bn.jpg

The Oak Bar. Note that the left part of the painting behind Thornhill's friends is missing in the film, suggesting perhaps that the bar in the film was a studio set, and a not entirely faithful reconstruction of the original.

N018.jpg N018bn.jpg
N020.jpg N020bn.jpg
N021.jpg N021bn.jpg
N023.jpg N023bn.jpg

Entrance of the Oak Bar and a side exit of the hotel:

N025.jpg N025bn.jpg

The side exit of the hotel, with Central Park in the background:

N026.jpg N026bn.jpg

The corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue:

N027.jpg N027bn.jpg

Entrance of Old Westbury Gardens, Westbury, Long Island. This beautiful place (which was Lester Townsend's mansion in the film) belongs to the Phibbs family, and is open to the public.

N028.jpg N028bn.jpg

Old Westbury Gardens:

N029.jpg N029bn.jpg
N030.jpg N030bn.jpg
N031.jpg N031bn.jpg
N032.jpg N032bn.jpg
N033.jpg N033bn.jpg
N034.jpg N034bn.jpg
N035.jpg N035bn.jpg
N036.jpg N036bn.jpg

The lobby of The Plaza Hotel, now without telephones:

N037.jpg N015bn.jpg
N038.jpg N038bn.jpg

The 7th floor (on my photo: a corridor similar to the one in the film). "Kaplan's" room is #796 in the film. There is no such room in the hotel, however. The room numbers only go up to 769.

N039.jpg N039bn.jpg

The 7th floor elevators:

N041.jpg N041bn.jpg

The main lobby with the elevators:

N042.jpg N042bn.jpg

The United Nations:

N043.jpg N043bn.jpg
N044.jpg N044bn.jpg
N045.jpg N045bn.jpg
N046.jpg N046bn.jpg

This is now The Delegates' Dining Room in the UN Building. It is on the 2nd floor, and unfortunately not open to the public. The bridge seen in the background is Queensboro Bridge (seen on my photo, taken from a different location inside the UN Building).

N047.jpg N047bn.jpg

The fountain in front of the UN Building. Note the interesting discrepancies between the frame captured from a DVD version of "North By Northwest" (first image below) and the one captured from a VHS version (third image below). In the DVD version Thornhill is running towards the taxi on the diagonal path seen on top of the frame, but on the VHS version he is running out of the tall building on the right. Also, the location of the first taxi is different in the two frames. I don't know which one corresponds to the original 35mm print, and why the scene had to be tampered with for the other version. In any case, the diagonal path doesn't exist now:

N048.jpg N048bn.jpg

Grand Central Station. Note that the phone booths are now missing. "Window 15", where Thornhill wants to buy a ticket, is now window 7. The track Thorhill is walking to in the last frame shown below is Track 34 now.

N049.jpg N049bn.jpg
N050.jpg N050bn.jpg
N051.jpg N051bn.jpg
N052.jpg N052bn.jpg
N053.jpg N053bn.jpg
N054.jpg N054bn.jpg
N055.jpg N055bn.jpg
N057.jpg N057bn.jpg
N058.jpg N058bn.jpg
N059.jpg N059bn.jpg

The Winter Garden theater on Broadway. This is the theater (mentioned in the film, but never shown) to which Thornhill had tickets, the day he was kidnapped by Vandamm's men: