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Location trip to New York, September-October 2003 - part 2

by Nándor Bokor

The pictures on the left are frames from Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound" (1945), "The Wrong Man" (1957) and "Topaz" (1969). My corresponding photos from September-October 2003 are on the right.


Grand Central Station, New York:

Sp006.jpg Sp006bn.jpg
Sp007.jpg Sp007bn.jpg
Sp008.jpg Sp008bn.jpg

The Wrong Man

Location of the Stork Club at 3 East 53rd Street, New York. As seen on my photos, the building has been demolished. Today there is a plaza between 1 East 53rd and 7 East 53rd, called the Samuel Paley Plaza.

W001.jpg W001bn1.jpg

East 53rd Street:

W002.jpg W002bn.jpg

East 53rd Street, towards Fifth Avenue. Note the subway station in the foreground and St Thomas Church in the background:

W003.jpg W003bn.jpg

The subway station at the corner of 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue:

W004.jpg W004bn.jpg
W005.jpg W005bn.jpg

The subway station at Roosevelt Avenue, Queens. (The staircases in the two pictures are not necessarily identical, since there are many such staircases in the station.)

W006.jpg W006bn.jpg

The corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Broadway in the Jackson Heights district of Queens:

W007.jpg W007bn.jpg

The 7 train of the New York subway on Roosevelt Avenue, photographed from 78th Street:

W008.jpg W008bn.jpg

78th Street, with Roosevelt Avenue in the background:

W009.jpg W009bn.jpg

The house next to Manny's:

W010.jpg W010bn.jpg

Manny's house at 4024 78th Street, Jackson Heights, Queens:

W011.jpg W011bn.jpg

The house opposite Manny's:

W012.jpg W012bn.jpg

The 110th Precinct Police Station in Elmhurst, at 43rd Avenue and 94th Street, where Manny is taken. (I didn't get permission to photograph even the exterior - security regulations are very strict after September 11, 2001 -, that's why I couldn't match the camera angles in my photos.)

W013.jpg W013bn.jpg
W014.jpg W014bn.jpg

Queensboro Bridge:

W016.jpg W016bn.jpg

The prison on Court Square, Queens:

W017.jpg W017bn.jpg

Manny's house at 4024 78th Street, Jackson Heights, Queens:

W018.jpg W018bn.jpg

The house opposite Manny's:

W019.jpg W019bn.jpg

The corner of Fort Washington Avenue and West 178th Street in Washington Heights, New York (with the George Washington Bridge in the background):

W020.jpg W020bn.jpg

A closer view of the same building:

W021.jpg W021bn.jpg

The courthouse on Court Square, Queens. The courtroom shown in the film is courtroom #233 today. (I needed special permit from the Administrative Judge at the Jamaica Courthouse in order to photograph inside the courtroom.) My 4th photo shows the shop of a modern-day "Manny", visible from the courtroom window, and my last photo shows the courthouse from the outside.

W022.jpg W002bn1.jpg

The courtroom again. Note that the jury was moved to the other side of the room (see my courtroom photos above). A glass window (shown on my photo below) now separates the judge from the defendant (several previous cases when an angry defendant spat on the judge necessitated this change):

W023.jpg W023bn.jpg


St Regis Hotel.

T01 .jpg T01bn.jpg
T02 .jpg T02bn.jpg

The former Hotel Theresa (now Theresa Towers) in Harlem.

T03 .jpg T03bn01.jpg

The buildings across the street from Hotel Theresa (I suspect that the street shown in the film was built at Universal studios).

T05 .jpg T05bn.jpg