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Location trip to Paris mid1990s


This article is by Nándor Bokor.

The pictures on the left are frames from Hitchcock's Topaz (1969). My corresponding photos are on the right.

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Restaurant Pierre

The dinner scene in which Frederick Stafford tries to figure out if Philippe Noiret is really a Soviet spy or not takes place here. The restaurant is on Place Gaillon, a tiny place quite near the famous Opera. (The 'FG' initials on the building refer to the 'Fontaine Gaillon', the fountain in front of the restaurant.)

Passage de la Visitation

Passage de la Visitation, a tiny street in the 7th district. The house where Michel Piccoli lived in Topaz stands here.

Avenue Foch

Avenue Foch, with l'Arc de Triomphe in the background.

Charlety Stadium

The alternative ending of Topaz (the duel scene) took place here. Sadly, it was renovated and virtually rebuilt for the 1998 football World Cup, so it's unrecognizable.