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Location trip to Quebec, Summer 2002

by Nándor Bokor

The B&W pictures are frames from Hitchcock's "I Confess" (1953). In color are my corresponding photos from 2002. Note that the order of the frames do not follow their order in the film.


A general view of Québec’s old city from the St Lawrence River, with Château Frontenac dominating the view:

I01.jpg I01 bn.jpg

Château Frontenac (which is a top-level hotel), and the statue of Samuel de Champlain, founder of Québec City. Since there is usually a very strong wind here, it must not have been difficult for Hitch to achieve that beautiful shot of the clouds rushing by ominously. (Sudden thunderstorms are also quite frequent around here, so the storm in the flashback scene is completely justifiable.)

I02.jpg I02 bn.jpg
I02b bn.jpg

L’Escalier Casse-Cou, the location of Hitch’s cameo in the film. Of all of Québec’s many staircases, this is the most famous one, but as you can see, it looks different from the one in the film. I found it by looking at a book that contained old photos of Québec city and by talking to elderly people. The staircase was completely rebuilt a few decades ago. (On my second photo you can see the entrance to the staircase [to the left]. This photo shows the approximate view that Hitch saw as he was walking across the screen at the beginning of the film.)

I03.jpg I03 bn.jpg
I03b bn.jpg

The old city, near rue St Pierre (many buildings have been rebuilt here):

I04.jpg I04 bn.jpg

Porte Kent:

I05.jpg I05 bn.jpg

Possibly the corner of rue Notre Dame and rue Cul de Sac (although it’s difficult to identify, because of all the changes that have taken place in the old city since the filming).

I06.jpg I06 bn.jpg

The basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec:

I07.jpg I07 bn.jpg

Rue Couillard:

I08.jpg I08 bn.jpg

Rue Ste Angèle. In the foreground is Vilette’s house (his address is 40 rue Ste Angèle):

I09.jpg I09 bn.jpg

Vilette’s house and the corner of l’Institut Canadien (it houses a public library – that’s where I found out where Father’s Logan’s church is in Limoilou).

I10.jpg I10 bn.jpg

Rue Christie. It is quite a few blocks away from Vilette’s house (on my second photo: a closer view of the house at the end of rue Christie).

I11.jpg I11 bn.jpg
I11b bn.jpg

Limoilou (a lovely suburb of Québec City), around St Zéphirin’s church. The building in the background is not the residence of the priest anymore. There are private apartments in it. The front staircase is no longer there. (On my second photo: a closer view of the statue of the Virgin Mary. Also shown is the side entrance to the church. On the 3rd photo: the building with the missing staircase.)

I12.jpg I12 bn.jpg
I12b bn.jpg I12c bn.jpg

The side entrance to the church. I couldn’t match Father Logan’s viewpoint of Keller here, because of the lack of the stairs.

I13.jpg I13 bn.jpg

The main altar.

I14.jpg I14 bn.jpg

The back of the church, with the main entrance.

I15.jpg I15 bn.jpg

The main entrance of the church, and the location where the confessional was in the film. Now there is one a little to the left (just not shown on my photo).

I16.jpg I16 bn.jpg

The church interior. Just around the corner on the right side of Father Logan in the picture, there is now another confessional (shown on my photo, along with the side entrance).

I17.jpg I17 bn.jpg

The church tower was reshaped in the late 50’s.

I18.jpg I18 bn.jpg

The main entrance, now facilitated for the disabled.

I19.jpg I19 bn.jpg

Behind the main altar, the sacristy looks practically the same as in the film.

I20.jpg I20 bn.jpg

The Place d’Armes, with the Monument de la Foi (just opposite Château Frontenac).

I21.jpg I21 bn.jpg

A view of l’Institut Canadien, from Vilette’s house.

I22.jpg I22 bn.jpg

The Parliament Building (where Pierre worked in the film).

I23.jpg I23 bn.jpg

Leading to the entrance is now a staircase, instead of a smooth slope.

I24.jpg I24 bn.jpg

This is exactly how the main hall in the Parliament looks like now (I couldn’t take a good photo here). The seats shown in the background are occupied by members of the opposition party, and the gallery on the opposite side (where Ruth is shown sitting in the picture) are reserved for „guests of the opposition party”. Seats for the governing party and the gallery for their guests are situated in a similar diagonal manner, facing their opposition equivalents.


The Church of St Jean Baptiste on rue St Jean. It was also used as the “Cathedral” in which Father Logan had been ordained.

I26.jpg I26 bn.jpg

The Church of St Ignace de Loyola in Giffard (another suburb, a little further away from the city).

I27.jpg I27 bn.jpg

The Church of St Romuald, in a little town called St Romuald, on the opposite side of the St Lawrence River.

I28.jpg I28 bn.jpg

Another view of St Zéphirin’s church in Limoilou.

I29.jpg I29 bn.jpg

This building (shown behind Karl Malden) is behind City Hall. (The present City Hall was used as the Police Station in the film.)

I30.jpg I30 bn.jpg

These two lovely houses are near the church in Limoilou.

I31.jpg I31 bn.jpg

View of the port from the “Louis Jolliet”, a boat that still takes passengers on cruises on the St Lawrence River (on my second photo: the boat today). Note that several buildings have been demolished since the filming.

I32.jpg I32 bn.jpg
I32b bn.jpg

View from the boat to the right. (Ruth’s head movement is not matched to reality here, since she’s looking to the left to see this view.)

I33.jpg I33 bn.jpg

View from the boat ahead (opposite Québec City).

I34.jpg I34 bn.jpg

View from the boat to the left. (Ruth sees it looking to the right.)

I35.jpg I35 bn.jpg

The front deck of the boat and Château Frontenac.

I36.jpg I36 bn.jpg

The Old Courthouse. This is where the District Attorney’s office was in the film, and Logan’s trial took place here too. Today it’s the Ministère des Finances, and I needed to obtain special permission to go inside and take pictures.

I37.jpg I37 bn.jpg

Limoilou, Ruth lived here before her marriage. I couldn’t find the house itself, but there are dozens of similar houses with the characteristic spiral staircases (a typical example is shown on my photo).

I38.jpg I38 bn.jpg

A military building, the Voltigeurs de Québec Armory. The monument which can be seen in front of the building in the film still exists, but has been moved to the side of the square, and gave its place to another, more modern war memorial.

I39.jpg I39 bn.jpg

One of the several gazebos on the Dufferin Terrace, in front of Château Frontenac (my photo just shows some of them, not necessarily the one shown in the film).

I40.jpg I40 bn.jpg

This is inside Château Frontenac on the second floor, just outside the Ballroom. Here it is location of Ruth and Pierre’s wedding, but it is shown briefly in the final scene of the film too. It seems fitting that Ruth and Pierre have their marital reconciliation (at the end of the film) at exactly the same place where they had their wedding ceremony.

I41.jpg I41 bn.jpg

The interior of the Church of St Jean Baptiste.

I42.jpg I42 bn.jpg

The main altar.

I43.jpg I43 bn.jpg

The side of the Parliament. Ruth and Pierre lived in a little house to the left of this building. The row of those elegant little houses has been demolished since.

I44.jpg I44 bn.jpg

Rue Dauphine, near Vilette’s house.

I45.jpg I45 bn.jpg

Another view of the stone wall (my second photo: view of Vilette’s house and l’Institut Canadien from the top of the stone wall).

I46.jpg I46 bn.jpg
I46b bn.jpg

The main altar in Father Logan’s church.

I47.jpg I47 bn.jpg

The doorway connecting the main altar with the sacristy.

I48.jpg I48 bn.jpg

The Gare du Palais (railway and bus station).

I49.jpg I49 bn.jpg

Porte St Jean.

I50.jpg I50 bn.jpg

City Hall, which was the Police Station in the film. (My second photo: the main entrance. 3rd photo: the door on the left was the entrance to the Police Station in the film.)

I51.jpg I51 bn.jpg
I51b bn.jpg I51b bn.jpg

The place in front of City Hall.

I52.jpg I52 bn.jpg

The basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec.

I53.jpg I53 bn.jpg

The wall between Porte St Jean and Porte Kent.

I54.jpg I54 bn.jpg

A square behind City Hall.

I55.jpg I55 bn.jpg

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and the Édifice Jean Baptiste de la Salle. (Note that the tree seen between the two buildings in the background is the same tree that can be seen in the background of the pictures entitled "Rue Dauphine, near Vilette’s house", above)

I56.jpg I56 bn.jpg

Ste Anne de Beaupré, an important pilgrimage site in Québec, about 20-25km from Québec City. Here you can see the stations of the cross – made up of life-size statues – of which the 4th station (“Jesus meets his mother”) is shown in the film. (It was raining when I was there, that’s why my photos are so dark.) (On my second photo: the 4th station. 3rd photo: the 1st station, “Jesus is condemned to death”.)

I57.jpg I57 bn.jpg
I57b bn.jpg I57c bn.jpg

The sidewalk (possibly a studio shot or filmed at another location, since it doesn't match the one at Ste Anne de Beaupré now), where Father Logan is supposed to have walked, before entering the “cathedral”, about 20km from here...

I57d.jpg I57d bn.jpg

The courtroom inside what is now the Ministère des Finances. The cross is not there anymore. (Second photo: the stand where Logan and the witnesses were questioned during the trial.)

I58.jpg I58 bn.jpg
I58b bn.jpg

A staircase just outside the courtroom.

I59.jpg I59 bn.jpg

The main staircase in the building.

I60.jpg I60 bn.jpg

The entrance.

I61.jpg I61 bn.jpg

The view of Château Frontenac from the entrance of the “courthouse”.

I62.jpg I62 bn.jpg

The same façade, only the “Hotel” sign is missing.

I63.jpg I63 bn.jpg

The entrance of the “courthouse” and Place d’Armes in the background.

I64.jpg I64 bn.jpg
I64b.jpg I64b bn.jpg

Château Frontenac with the statue of Samuel de Champlain in the background.

I65.jpg I65 bn.jpg

Another view of the “courthouse”.

I66.jpg I66 bn.jpg

The car entrance to Château Frontenac.

I67.jpg I67 bn.jpg

The main entrance to the lobby.

I68.jpg I68 bn.jpg

The stairs on which the detectives run down in search for Keller.

I69.jpg I69 bn.jpg

The basement and two spiral staircases.

I70.jpg I70 bn.jpg

The main lobby.

I71.jpg I71 bn.jpg

The Salon Verchères on the second floor of the hotel, just outside the Ballroom.

I72.jpg I72 bn.jpg

The Ballroom’s entrance. (during the camera movement in the film between this frame and the previous one, you can spot the location of Ruth and Pierre's wedding (see above)).

I73.jpg I73 bn.jpg

The Ballroom.

I74.jpg I74 bn.jpg

The staircase leading up to the Salon Verchères (my photo is from the reverse angle).

I75.jpg I75 bn.jpg

The place where Keller died.

I76.jpg I76 bn.jpg