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Locations - more on Vertigo


This article is by Nándor Bokor.

Below are some frames from Hitchcock's film and (a) corresponding contemporary photos, or (b) some pieces of information. These were not shown or covered in Jeff Kraft's and Aaron Leventhal's excellent book "Footsteps in the Fog", and on the beautiful photos of Claire Davie.

Click on any image to display a larger version in a pop-up window.

Carlotta's tombstone

Carlotta's tombstone in the cemetery of Mission Dolores:

My photo from 2002 shows the same location (with the same tombstone in the background):

Palace of the Legion of Honor

The Palace of the Legion of Honor. The two paintings behind James Stewart are Larguillere's "Portrait of a Gentleman" and Carle Vanloo's "Architecture" (1753). (In 1991, when I visited the PLH, I found both paintings there.)

The painting next to Carlotta's portrait is Jan-Frans van Dael's "Flowers before a Window" (1789). (I found it in another room of the museum when I visited the PLH in 2002.)

This sculpture is Rodin's "Female Torso" (1910). Beside it is my photo of it from 2002.

Big Basic State Park

The big tree on the left is called "The Father Tree". Beside it is my photo from 2002.

Cypress point on the beautiful Monterey Coast, plus my photos from 2002.

Bernard Herrmann's tombstone

Finally, a tribute to the composer of Vertigo's beautiful music: a photo I took of Bernard Herrmann's tombstone in Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY, in 2003: