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Matthew Reville (b. ~1798)



See research notes below, but possibly the following who were also born in Pinxton around the same time:

  • William Reville (b. ~1797)
  • Edmund Reville (b. ~1800)


  • born sometime around 1798 in Pinxton, Derbyshire


Lucy Barker (b. ~1800)

  • born around 1800 in Rolleston
  • date of marriage unknown
  • died 1882 aged 83[1]


Robert Reville (b. ~1828)

  • born around 1828 in Rolleston
  • possibly died 1878 aged 52[2]

Sarah Reville (b. ~1829)

  • born around 1829 in Lenton
  • possibly married in 1853 to George Price[3]

Elizabeth Reville (b. ~1834)

  • born around 1834 in Lenton
  • likely died unmarried in 1866 aged 32[4]

George Edward Reville (b. 1837)


  • date of death unknown, but between 1851 and 1861

Family Tree


Census Data

The 1841 Census is the only one which gives Matthew and Lucy at the same address and the assumption that they are a married couple is based solely on that. However, Lucy also appears on a second census return for that year living separately to Matthew.[8] Nearly all the other census returns on which Lucy appears, until her death in 1882, list her as a visitor or as a relative staying with the home owner. From 1861 onwards, Lucy is listed as a widow.

Matthew is listed as living in Lenton and the neighbouring district of Radford. Rolleston, where Lucy was born, is 15 miles north-east of Nottingham.[9] In 1851, she is listed as being at Weir Mill in Linby, 9 miles north of Nottingham. Both locations were linked to Nottingham via the railway by the mid 1850s. In the remaining censuses, Lucy is listed in Nottingham and Lenton.

The spelling of "Reville" varies from census to census and, in some cases, it is difficult to read the exact spelling from the handwriting.


There are two separate census returns listing Lucy. Firstly with Matthew and then separately with her other children.

  • address: "facing the long row", Lenton
  • Matthew Reavill (aged 40) — occupation: "lace m" (presumably "lace maker")
  • Lucy Reavill (aged 40)
  • Elizabeth Reavill (aged 7)
  • Ann Buckle (aged 33) — occupation: lace maker

It's unclear exactly what relationship the seven people have, but it seems probable that Mary Barker (b. ~1761) might be the mother or aunt of Lucy and Edward.

  • address: Rollestone
  • Mary Barker (aged 80)
  • Edward Barker (aged 35)
  • Hannah Wilson (aged 40)
  • Robert Revill (aged 15) — son
  • Lucy Revill (aged 40) — mother, occupation: milliner(?)
  • Sarah Revill (aged 13) — daughter
  • George Revill (aged 3) — son


Note that Elizabeth, who was in Rolleston with Lucy in 1841, is now with Matthew. Lucy is listed as being in Linby.

  • address: 38 Lenton Row, Nottingham
  • Matthew Revill (aged 55) — head, occupation: machine owner
  • Robert Revill (aged 24) — son, occupation: lace maker
  • Sarah Revill (aged 22) — daughter, occupation: lace mender
  • Elizabeth Revill (aged 17) — daughter, occupation: brass bobbin winder
  • George Revill (aged 13) — son

Research Notes

Other Revilles in Pinxton, Derbyshire

The following people are probably related to Matthew and were born or lived in Pinxton:

  • William Reville (b. ~1797) — married to Martha (b. ~1797), who was born in Cossall, and was father to Mary (b. ~1827), William (b. ~1832) and Noah (b. ~1833)
  • William Reville (b. ~1797) — married to Eliza (b. ~1831)
  • Edmund Reville (b. ~1800) — married to Elizabeth (b. ~1799), and father of Eliza (b. ~1840)
  • Matthew Reville (b. ~1855), born in Smalley, Derbyshire — married Mary (b. ~1864) and was father of John J. (b.~ 1864), Dnenis (b. ~1894) and George (b. ~1904)[10]
  • George Reville (b. ~1862) — married to Mary Ann (b. ~1865) and was father to John Richard (b. ~1889), Millcent (b. ~1894) and Martha P. (b. ~1891)

Notes & References

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  8. The 1841 Census was supposed to represent the persons living in the house on June 6th. I can't find any evidence that there were two Lucy Reville's of the same age and their children provide the necessary links back.
  9. Rolleston often appears as "Rollestone" in the 1800s.
  10. All of their sons were born in Pinxton.