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Maud Gill


Maud Gill was an English character actress, chiefly in comic roles.

After appearing in the stage version of Eden Philpotts's play, The Farmer's Wife, she reprised the role of Thirza Tapper in Hitchcock's 1928 film version. She revived the role in 1931 at the Globe Theatre, London.

Gill married actor Ernest Stuart Vinden in 1913 and they often acted together.

She retired from acting in the 1930s and published a book of her acting reminiscences, "See the Players", in the late 1930s.

Gill died in January 1950, aged 65.


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  • born around 1886 in Bayswater, London[1]
  • married 1913 to Ernest Stuart Vinden (b. ~1884)[2]
  • mother of John Stuart Vinden (b. ~1914)[3]
  • died 31/Jan/1950 aged 65
  • probate granted 18/Apr/1950 to nurseryman John Stuart Vinden — effects worth £13,456 9s. 6d.

Research Notes

  • 1911 Census (aged 25) — occupation: actress / address: 4 East Street, Leicester


Notes & References

  1. The IMDB birth year is incorrect. Her death registry entry indicates a birth year of 1885.
  2. Born around 1884 in Croyden, Surrey. Fought in the First World War. Died 07/May/1942 aged 57.
  3. Born 13/Apr/1914. Married 1957 to Violet W. Chance. Died 1982 in Powys, Wales, aged 68.