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Milwaukee Sentinel (19/Mar/1962) - Hitch Scoop 'Em, Signs Grace



Hitch Scoop 'Em, Signs Grace

There was joy in Hollywood Monday as the news spread that Grace Kelly would be returning to make a film this summer.

The report that Princess Grace would appear In "Marnie" for Alfred Hitchcock was announced In Monaco. Hollywood welcomed the news, since the return of such a top star would be a boon to the long-ailing film industry.

A close friend of Grace's commented: "She has always avoided the absolute in saying she'd never make another movie. She and Hitchcock are very close friends. She has liked him very much and the prince likes him, too, "Hitch came up with a story she liked. It's as simple as that."

The spokesman said the film would be made on Grace's regular vacation, during which she planned to come to the United States anyway. She will return to Monaco in November, when her program of social activities begins,

Eugene V. Klein, president of one of the nation's biggest theater chains, National General Corp., hailed the news: "We are delighted to learn that Grace Kelly is going to star in a new picture. She is a great actress. Not only did we enjoy showing her films, but our movie patrons enjoyed seeing them."

Hitchcock was not immediately available for comment.

Miss Kelly finished her last picture, "High Society," March 6, 1956, and six weeks later was married. After completing the final scene, in which she and co-star Bing Crosby sang a duet of Cole Sorter's "True Love," the cast and crew held a farewell party, Hollywood didn't expect to see her back on the sound stages, at least.

Before their marriage, Prince Rainier announced she would retire, "I think it would be better to she did not attempt to continue in films," he said. "I have to live In Monaco and she would have to live In Hollywood." Her reaction: "Anything His Highness wishes Is fine with me."