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Miracle of a Bum

Miracle of a Bum was a 30-minute Christmas radio play written by Ben Hecht and broadcast by ABC Radio on Christmas Eve 1945 and 1946.

The 1945 broadcast was reviewed by Variety and starred actors Donald Crisp and Jimmy Gleason.

The radio play was broadcast again on Christmas Eve the following year. Although the majority of newspaper radio listings simply gave the play's title and the name of the writer, several sources, including the Radio Daily journal and the New York Times, stated that Alfred Hitchcock directed the play and provided a narration. However, as Hitchcock is not mentioned by the Variety review, it would seem his involvement was limited purely to the 1946 production.

Broadcast Details

  • broadcast on ABC Radio
  • date: 24/Dec/1945 & 24/Dec/1946
  • length: 30 minutes

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