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Motion Picture News (31/Jul/1920) - Popular British Star in "The Great Day"




Popular English Star in "The Great Day"

Cabled announcement has come from Jesse L. Lasky, first vice-president of the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, who has been in Europe for the last month, that Bertram Burleigh, the well-known British film star, has been cast to play the lead in the Paramount Picture version of "The Great Day," the Drury Lane melodrama which marks the first photoplay to be made in Europe by the Famous Players-Lasky British Producers, Ltd. picture.

Not only is Mr. Burleigh one of the most popular film players in Great Britain, but he also is well known in this country because of his work opposite the famous Russian dancer, Lydia Kyasht, in "The Black Spider," "The Dope Doctor," and many other films.