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New Pittsburgh Courier (27/Apr/1963) - Lovelorn Columnist Murders Spouse On Hitchcock Hour Drama



Lovelorn Columnist Murders Spouse On Hitchcock Hour Drama

Gene Barry and John Larkin star in the suspense drama "Dear Uncle George," story of an advice-to-the-lovelorn columnist who murders his wife, after learning of her infidelity, and attempts to place the blame on another person, on "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" Friday May 10 (9:30-10:30 PM, EDT) on the CBS Television Network.

Barry plays the role of John Chambers, who writes a newspaper column under the nom de plume Uncle George. When he discovers his wife Louise, portrayed by Patricia Donahue, has been unfaithful, he kills her. As he intended, the police suspect artist Tom Esterow, played by Dabney Coleman, with whom Louise was to dine on the night of her demise. The carefully prepared plot backfires when Chambers accepts an invitation for a quiet weekend at the country home of his sympathetic publisher, Simon Aldrich, played by Larkin.

Others in the cast include Lou Jacobi, Alicia Li, Robert Sampson, Brendan Dillon and Charity Grace.

"Dear Uncle George" was adapted by William Link, Richard Levinson and James Bridges from a story by Link and Levinson. Joseph Newman directed for producer Norman Lloyd.