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New York Times (03/Feb/1985) - Letters: Working With Hitchcock



Letters: Working With Hitchcock

To the Editor:

I think Alfred Hitchcock would have been as pained as I was to learn that Phillip Lopate had made the grievous error of stating - in his review of "Hitchcock" by François Truffaut and "The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock" by David Freeman (Dec. 30) - that Mr. Hitchcock had "fired" me from a film project ("The Short Night") that we had been working on together.

It is simply not true, and I believe that Mr. Lopate unwittingly amplified an error which appears in Mr. Freeman's book, a book that misstates that I had had "a falling out" with my friend and colleague, Mr. Hitchcock.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but perhaps this letter will.

Incidentally, I haven't read "The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock" (couldn't find it) and did not read the review (my wife threw it away to spare me). But I have many friends here in Hollywood who know what makes me uncomfortable, and I can always count on them to tell me.