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Paul Wilson


With Hitchcock...

  • Frenzy (1972) - Camera Operator


Film Production

Wilson talking about his experiences of working with Hitchcock on "Frenzy"...

Hitchcock was also getting on in years when he directed "Frenzy", but he was still an interesting man to work with. He knew what the camera was seeing all the time. He would say, "What lens have you got on Paul?" I would say, for example, "A 35mm," and he would know what it was covering. He said, "You have to keep them on the edge of their seats." It was great working with people who knew what they were doing. With some directors you would stand on the set and realise that if you didn't say something and say where to put the camera, the director wouldn't know. In England, not so much now, you had the operator working in close co-ordination with the director. In America the DP would do everything and tell the operator what to do. Here we worked very closely with the director, getting the setups and choosing the angles while the DP got on with the lighting.