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Photoplay (Feb/1928) - Studio News and Gossip


  • article: Studio News and Gossip
  • journal: Photoplay (February 1928)
  • issue: volume XXIX, number 3, page 114
  • journal ISSN:
  • publisher: Macfadden Publications
  • keywords: Nita Naldi


Studio News and Gossip

As Photoplay goes to press, twenty cables have failed to locate Nita Naldi in Germany, where she is believed to be. Miss Naldi sailed for Europe several months ago to make a picture for a British film company. Before sailing she had signed with Marion Fairfax, the producer, to play in "The Desert Sheik." in January.

Miss Fairfax's picture is ready to go into production, but where is Nita Naldi? Secretary of Slate Kellogg bas been asked to institute a search for the screen vamp, and has promised to do so.