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Psycho (1960) — trailers

Trailers for Psycho (1960).

Trailer 1

The script for this, the longest of all Hitchcock trailers, was written by James Allardice, the writer of the Hitchcock monologues in Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. The trailer deliberately misdirects the audience — even the "blonde" in the shower who screams at the end of the trailer isn't Janet Leigh ...it's Vera Miles in a wig!

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caption:  The fabulous Mr. Alfred Hitchcock is about to escort you...
caption:  on a tour of the location of his new motion picture, “PSYCHO”

(Hitch):  Good afternoon. Here we have a quiet little motel tucked away
          off the main highway, and as you see, perfectly harmless
          looking, when in fact it has now become known as "the scene of
          the crime". This motel also has as an adjunct an old house 
          which is, if I may say so, a little more sinister looking,
          less innocent than the motel itself. And in this house, the
          most dire horrible events took place. I think we can go 
          inside, because the place is up for sale, although I don't 
          know who's gonna buy it now. 

(Hitch):  In that window on the second floor, the single one in front,
          that's where the woman was first seen. Let's go inside.

(Hitch):  You see even in daylight this place still looks a bit
          sinister. It was at the top of these stairs that the second
          murder took place. She came out of the door there and met the
          victim at the top, of course in a flash there was the knife
          and in no time the victim tumbled and fell with a horrible
          crack, I think the back broke immediately it hit the floor.
          It was, it's difficult to describe the way the... the 
          twisting of the... well I, it's... I won't dwell upon it. 
          Let's come upstairs.

(Hitch):  Of course the victim or should I say victims hadn't any 
          conception as to the type of people they would be confronted 
          with in this house. Especially the woman, she was the
          weirdest and the most..., well let's go into her bedroom. 

(Hitch):  Here's the woman's room, still beautifully preserved. And the
          imprint of her figure on the bed where she used to lay. I
          think some of her clothes are still in this wardrobe.

(Hitch):  Bathroom. This was the son's room but we won't go in there,
          because his favorite spot was the little parlour behind his
          office in the motel. Let's go down there.

(Hitch):  This young man, you had to feel sorry for him. After all,
          being dominated by an almost maniacal woman was enough to
          drive anyone to the extreme of... well let's go in.

(Hitch):  I suppose you'd call this his hideaway. His hobby as you see,
          was taxidermy. A crow here, an owl there. An important scene
          took place in this room. There was a private supper here,
          and... by the way, this picture has great significance,
          because... let's go along to cabin number one. I want to show
          you something there. 

(Hitch):  All tidied up. The bathroom.

(Hitch):  Well, they've cleaned all this up now. Big difference. You
          should have seen the blood. The whole, the whole place was...
          Well it's, it's too horrible to describe. Dreadful. And I
          tell you, there's a very important clue was found here. Down
          there. Well the murderer, you see, crept in here very slowly,
          of course the shower was on, there was no sound, and...

(woman):  Arrrrghhhhhh!

caption:  PSYCHO

caption:  STARRING 
          VERA MILES
          JOHN GAVIN        CO-STARRING
                            MARTIN BALSAM
                            JOHN McINTIRE
                 JANET LEIGH
                   as MARION CRANE

caption:  The picture
          you MUST see
          from the beginning...

caption:  Or not at all!...
          for no one will be seated
          after the start of...

caption:  Alfred Hitchcock's Greatest Shocker

Trailer 2

Re-release trailer.

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Trailer 3

A collection of re-release trailers.

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Trailer 4

Appeared on the MCA Universal Home Video release of the film.

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(c) Universal Studios

caption:  MCA
          HOME VIDEO

caption:  PSYCHO

(voice):  Norman Bates has a disturbing tendancy.  He likes to blame
          his "bad habits" on his mother.

(Norman): Mother... my mother -- what is the phrase? -- she isn't
          quite herself today.

(Lila):   Mrs Bates!

(voice):  These days, Mrs Bates is never "quite herself".

(voice):  Nothing can match the initial shock of the original...

caption:  PSYCHO

Trailer 5 - Germany

The German voice-over appears to have been done by Hitchcock, who could speak the language.

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