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Richard Pike

Richard Pike is listed as a witness of the wedding of Charles Hitchcock (b. ~1791) to his second wife, Sarah Pike (b. ~1810), in April 1836. Due to the uncertainty as to who Sarah Pike was, it would be useful to find a link between a Richard and a Sarah Pike.

At present, Richard Pike (b. 1797) is the only person with a link to Sarah Ann Pike (the most likely person to be the Sarah Pike who married Charles), as both were baptised in St George in the East, Stepney.

The following is research into people alive at the time of the wedding who had a name similar to "Richard Pike".

Richard Pike (b. ~1777)

  • born around 1777
  • possibly the Richard Pike baptised 05/Nov/1777 at St. Andrew's, Chardstock, Dorset, who was the son of Luke Pike and Elizabeth Pike[1]
  • married in 1806 to Irish-born Bridget Fitzgerald (b. ~1777) at St George's, Hanover Square, London
  • 1841 Census (aged 65): married to Bridget, working as a gardener and living on Yeoman's Row, Brompton
  • died around 1841 aged 65 and was living on Yeoman's Row, Brompton
  • buried 17/Mar/1841 at Brompton Holy Trinity (Kensington and Chelsea)

Richard Peake (b. ~1786)

  • born around 1786
  • died around 1845 aged 59 and was living on Aldenham Street, Camden
  • buried 26/May/1845 at Saint Giles in the Fields (Camden)

Richard Alexander Pike (b. 1796)

  • born 11/Oct/1796
  • baptised 30/Oct/1796 at Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney
  • son of warehouseman James Pike and Mary, living on Vine Court
  • may have died 1798 — if so, not our Richard Pike!

Richard Pike (b. 1797)

  • born around December 1797
  • son of cooper Robert Pike and Elizabeth Pike née Richards (married 1793 at St George's, Hanover Square)
  • baptised 14/Jan/1798 at St George in the East, Stepney — this is the same church Sarah Ann Pike was baptised
  • probably married 04/Jan/1846 to Sarah Wild at St George's, Hanover Square, London
  • died 13/Mar/1862 aged 64 in Southwark
  • another "Richard Pike" seems to have been born to the same parents in May 1790, so possibly he died and they named another son Richard? ...if so that was before their marriage, so it's likely an error!

Richard John Peake (b. ~1811)

  • born around 1811
  • married to Isabella
  • father to Jeanette Peake (b. 1840) who was baptised on 12/Apr/1840 at Old Church, Saint Pancras
  • 1871 Census: living on Orchard Street, Clapham
  • died 1882 aged 71 in Wandsworth

People We Can Exclude

Richard Pike (b. 17??)

  • married in 1774 to Frances Huxter at All Saints/St. Peter, Maldon, Essex
  • likely father of Richard Henry Pike (b. ~1779)
  • died 1801 in Maldon, Essex

Richard Henry Pike (b. ~1779)

  • likely son of older Richard Pike from Maldon
  • died 1837 aged 58 in Maldon, Essex
  1. Luke appears to have been previously married to Sarah.