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Riverine Herald (New South Wales) (26/Feb/1930) - Tivoli Theatre: The Manxman




Tivoli Theatre: The Manxman

Many have been the films based on famous novels that have found their way into this country. But few of those have followed the book as sincerely and with as much detail as Alfred Hitchcock, famous director, has done in the picturisation of Sir Hall Caine's famous novel "The Manxman" for British International Pictures. The book, which has proved tremendously popular throughout the world, has been published in eight foreign languages, and is already running in its 30th edition in England, Canada and Australia. There is no doubt, therefore, that the film version, which is coming to the Tivoli Theatre tomorrow will meet with justifiable success. The picture stars Carl Brisson, the handsome young Swedish actor, who appeared recently in "The Ring," and is being released by Cinema Art Films. The part of the girl is taken by the beautiful little Check-Slovakian, Anna Ondra, who entrances with her emotion. "The Greyhound Ltd," with a fine supporting cast, will be screen also.