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Romanoff's Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

Michael Romanoff

Founded by Michael Romanoff (born Hershel Geguzin, 1890-1971), Romanoff's was a popular restaurant with Hollywood stars during the 1940s and 1950s, including director Alfred Hitchcock.

Romanoff's provided the catering for the Spellbound end-of-shooting party, held in October 1944.[1]

On the evening of the 20th Academy Awards ceremony on March 20th 1948, the Hitchcocks dined at the restaurant along with Whitfield Cook, Joan Harrison and Sidney Bernstein.[2]

The restaurant closed its doors for good on New Year's Eve in 1962 and Michael Romanoff died of a heart attack in 1971, aged 82.

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Former location of Romanoff's at 140 South Rodeo Drive:

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Notes & References

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  2. Hitchcock hadn't been nominated in any categories, so didn't attend the award ceremony.