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Screen Producers Guild

Formed in 1950, the Screen Producers Guild eventually merged with the Television Producers Guild in 1962 to form the Producers Guild of America and is a trade organization representing television producers and film producers in the United States.

On 7th March 1965, director Alfred Hitchcock was the recipient of the Milestone Award, presented to him by Cary Grant and James Stewart. He began his acceptance speech by saying:

They say that when a man drowns, his entire life flashes before his eyes. I am indeed fortunate, for I am having that same experience without even getting my feet wet.

First of all I wish to express my deep appreciation for this honour. It makes me feel very proud indeed. It is especially meaningful because it is presented by my fellow dealers in celluloid. After all, when a man is found guilty of murder and condemned to death, it always makes him feel much better to know that it was done by a jury of his friends and neighbours.

The wording of this award is highly complimentary, but just a little disturbing. Being given a plaque for "historic contributions" makes one want to pinch himself to be sure it isn't being awarded posthumously. I am indeed touched — and I want to thank you very much.

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