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Shepperton Babylon: The Lost Worlds of British Cinema (2006) by Matthew Sweet

author Matthew Sweet
publisher Faber & Faber (2006)
ISBN 0571212980 (paperback)
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This is a wonderful secret history of British movies that includes the scandals, the suicides, the immolations and the contract killings — the product of thousands of conversations with veteran film-makers. Here you'll meet, among many others, the 20s film idols snorting cocaine from an illuminated glass dance floor on the bank of the Thames, the model who escaped Soho's gangsters to become the queen of the nudie flicks and the genteel Scottish comedienne who, at the age of fifty-five, reinvented herself as a star of exploitation cinema, and fondly remembers 'the one where I drilled in people's heads and ate their brains'. Welcome to the lost worlds of British cinema.