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Sight and Sound (1999) - Vertigo: the Making of a Hitchcock classic





Vertigo: the Making of a Hitchcock Classic by Dan Auiler, Titan, 22opp, £19.99 (hb), ISBN 1 84023 065 7

This gushing appraisal begins with Martin Scorsese's assertion: "Any film as great as Vertigo demands more than just a sense of admiration - it demands a personal response" - which is partly what Auiler, a besotted film buff, provides. The analysis is weedy compared with the wealth of academic discussion this film has already provoked; much more interesting are the facts about production and conception, such as Edith Head's account of her dialogue with Hitchcock about why Madeleine's suit had to be drab grey, or the script supervisor's obsessively detailed records of filming. (SB)