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Sight and Sound (2000) - Notorious




Macnab reviews Notorious directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


'Notorious' Alfred Hitchcock; USA 1946; PT; £9.99; B/W; Certificate TBC

Despite the playful scene in which Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman (left) share a kiss lasting almost three minutes as they make small talk about supper, this is among Hitchcock's most disquieting thrillers. For most of the film, Grant's treatment of Bergman is sadistic in the extreme. (Claude Rains, the ostensible villain, behaves far more considerately towards her.) When Grant isn't tormenting her, Bergman has Rains' terrifying mother (Leopoldine Konstantin) to deal with. Her trials make you think that Joan Fontaine had it easy in 'Rebecca'. Digitally remastered. (MFB No. 160)