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Sight and Sound (2003) - The Lady Vanishes




Macnab reviews "The Lady Vanishes" directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


The Lady Vanishes

Alfred Hitchcock; UK 1938; Canton/Region 2; Certificate U; 91 minutes; Aspect Ratio 4:3 *

Ingeniously scripted by Launder and Gilliat, Hitchcock's ripping yarn is set almost entirely aboard a train, but makes very inventive use of the confined space, mobilising every corridor and carriage. Michael Redgrave is a penniless musician and Margaret Lockwood a spoiled society girl who is keen to discover the truth behind the disappearance of a fellow passenger. There's also a memorable cameo from Cecil Parker as a cowardly cad, prepared to betray his wife, his mistress and his country in a forlorn bid to save his own skin. (GM) (MFB No. 56)