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Sight and Sound (2012) - Chronicle of a fall foretold


  • article: Chronicle of a fall foretold
  • author(s): Ian Christie
  • journal: Sight and Sound (01/Sep/2012)
  • issue: volume 22, issue 9, page 57
  • journal ISSN: 0037-4806
  • publisher: British Film Institute
  • keywords: History, Motion picture criticism, Motion picture directors & producers, Motion pictures, Ratings & rankings



Orson Welles's debut film has been convincingly ousted by Alfred Hitchcock's 45th feature Vertigo -- and by a whooping 34 votes, compared with the mere five that separated them a decade ago. Given that Kane actually clocked over three times as many votes this year as it did last time, it hasn't exactly been snubbed by the vastly larger number of voters taking part in this new poll, which has spread its net far wider than any of its six predecessors, asking nearly 850 critics, programmers and academics for their top tens. Among other things Christie discusses what people can learn about chaning critical tastes from the 2012 list of the 100 greatest films of all time.