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Spellbound (1945) - quotes

Quotations relating to Spellbound (1945)...


Hitchcock wanted some bloodshot eyeballs moving through the scene. I went down to Skid Row [in Los Angeles] on Christmas Eve to photograph these bleary-eyed fellows who'd been drinking heavily all their lives. We got more varieties of eyes than you can imagine, from bloodshot to weepy and then expressionless eyes. They looked frightening, just staring. It was very creepy. Then [on the optical printer] we'd reduce them down or enlarge them, we'd put one man's eyes into the pupil of another man's eyes, and then composite them together with [Salvador Dalí's] matte paintings. In the final, the eyes just look at the audience as we fly through them.

Slifer describes how the effect of floating eyeballs was achieved in the dream sequence