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Stars and Stripes Newspaper (06/Dec/1955) - Alfred Hitchcock 'Vanishes'


  • article: Alfred Hitchcock 'Vanishes'
  • newspaper: Stars and Stripes Newspaper (06/Dec/1955)
  • keywords: Alfred Hitchcock


SINGAPORE (AP) — Hollywood film maker Alfred Hitchcock vanished on his way to Singapore over the weekend and left the colony with a real life Hitchcock mystery.

The master of suspense lived up to his name when he kept film executives all Saturday and Sunday guessing his whereabouts. They are still not certain where he is.

Loke Wan Tho, millionaire film magnate who was to be Hitchcock's host, said Sunday night "I am completely baffled."

Loke expected Hitchcock to arrive originally on Saturday then again on Sunday morning from Calcutta by air.

A cocktail party for Hitchcock was held on Saturday without him and dinner Sunday night was cancelled.