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Stephenville J-TAC (14/Apr/1942) - Suspense


  • article: Suspense
  • newspaper: Stephenville J-TAC (14/Apr/1942)
  • keywords: Alfred Hitchcock




Alfred Hitchcock, direct of movie mystery thrillers, stepped into a New York hotel elevator with a friend and immediately began, talking as though continuing a conversation:

"So I turned on the light and there was this girl in the middle of the floor. Her throat was slit and there was a great puddle of blood. Beside the body was a knife. I was in a spot. If I called the police, there'd be a nasty row; and if I didn't, somebody would find me there. So I took out my handkerchief and carefully..."

At this point the elevator stopped at Hitchcock's floor and he quietly stepped off with his companion, leaving everybody in the car goggle-eyed.

 — Chicago Tribune