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Suspense of Disbelief: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock (CDCD 5050, 2011)

Suspense of Disbelief: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
label Chrome Dreams
release date 11/01/211
catalogue CDCD 5050
format 1 audio CD
UPC/EAN 823564617121

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  1. Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Main Theme
  2. Music to Be Murdered By
  3. Vertigo: Prelude & Rooftop
  4. North By Northwest: Kidnapped
  5. I Confess: Main Theme
  6. After You've Gone
  7. The Man Who Knew Too Much: Que Sera, Sera
  8. Dial M for Murder: Main Theme
  9. Rope: Mouvements Perpetuels
  10. The Trouble With Harry: Main Theme
  11. Spellbound: Dream
  12. North by Northwest: Fashion Show
  13. Rear Window: Juke Box #6
  14. Alfred Hitchcock's Leading Ladies
  15. Vertigo: Scene d'Amour
  16. Strangers on a Train: Prologue - Duet for Four Feet
  17. Alfred Hitchcock: Master Manipulator
  18. Psycho: Prelude
  19. North By Northwest: Overture
  20. Spellbound - Main Theme
  21. To Catch a Thief: Main Theme
  22. Vertigo: The Necklace, The Return & Finale
  23. The Hour of Parting