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Sussex Agricultural Express (28/Aug/1936) - The 39 Steps



The 39 Steps

Elite Theatre, St. Leonards

"The 39 Steps," the picture that proved such an enormous attraction in London, will head the bill during the whole of next week.

This screen version of John Buchan's great thriller, with Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll in the leading roles, is a triumph for the genius of Alfred Hitchcock, its director.

A thrilling spy mystery, the story tells of how a girl is murdered in Richard Hannay's flat and he becomes involved in the search for a master spy, who continues to obtain vital air defence secrets. On the trail in Scotland, Hannay finds himself wanted for murder, and in his efforts to escape, meets the master criminal.

Left for dead, he gets away, and is involved in a host of adventures, in company with a girl to whom he had previously made love as a shield from the police. When their car is stopped on a lonely moor his captors handcuff him to Pamela, but ho escapes with her, and after thrilling experiences, they spend a night at an inn under most awkward circumstances.

From this point the film proceeds to an exciting climax. Lucy Mannheim, Godfrey Tearle and Peggy Ashcroft are also in the cast.

"Dancing Feet." with Ben Lyon, Eddie Nugent and Joan Marsh will support.