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On 13/Mar/1929, The Times newspaper announced that Hitchcock would be directing a film based on a screenplay by Benn Levy:

Three other talking films will be made by the same company [British International Pictures] -- "Tambourine", a story written specially for the screen by Mr. Benn Levy, the author of "Mrs. Moonlight", to be directed by Alfred Hitchcock; "Under the Greenwood Tree", to be directed by Mr. Harry Lachman; and "Mumming Birds", the music-hall sketch, in which Mr. Syd Chaplin will play the principal part.

On 03/Apr/1929, Variety reported that:

As soon as RCA Photophone equipment is in — which will be around six weeks, apparently — B.I.P. starts on a program of sound films beginning with "Juno and the Paycock," followed by "Tambourine." Latter was originally scheduled for E.A. Dupont, but these two will be directed by Alfred Hitchcock. "Tambourine" is an original, by Ben Levy, who wrote "This Woman Business."

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