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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Captive Audience


"Captive Audience" was originally broadcast on 18/Oct/1962 as part of the first season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.


Warren Barrow writes mystery novels under a pseudonymn. He sends his publisher a series of tape recordings that appear to detail either the plot of his next novel or the plan for a murder he will commit. Using his own name on the tapes, Warren describes how he renewed a friendship with a very attractive girl named Janet West. Janet, however, is married and wants someone to kill her wealthy husband. Blinded by passion, Warren agrees to commit murder. At the last minute, however, he gets cold feet and later, out of guilt, he decides to kill Janet. The tape ends, however. The publisher and writer Tom Keller, however, become convinced that Barrow is planning murder. The publisher calls the police while Keller heads for Janet's apartment. At the apartment, Keller discovers Janet dead and Warren holding the murder weapon. Warren is taken to the police station where he provides an ending to his novel and a complete confession, all on tape. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

9092.gif The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Complete First Season - Madman Entertainment (Australia, 2013)
PAL 1.33:1
9073.gif Alfred Hitchcock Zeigt: Teil 1 - Koch Media Home Entertainment (Germany, 2008)
Amazon (Germany)
R2 PAL 1.33:1

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